Hassan Kausar

Photography has been my relentless passion for several years now, it has been fulfilling in several ways, cathartic for my personal life, It has shown a new way to interact with people and nature , creating a different type of empathy within me and has provided me with a very natural form of artistic release. 

Street photography is my favourite form of expression, I love encapsulating life in its raw natural form capturing the diversity, the pain and joy of real life and to capture the beauty in the mundane and ordinary. Viewing different cultures and its people through the lens capturing the similarities and the differences has become a favourite past time. The best compliments I have received are that through my photos people can see the essence of a subject or that my photos tell a story, or that they are works of art. etc. If I can make people connect and have strong subjective opinions of my very private take on the world than I feel my job is done. Hope you will enjoy the small collection of images that I have displayed here.