Photography Stories..

1. Friends Behind lense

New york

Levensky Smith. While walking in Central Park New York, saw this man in the perfect light, could not resist had to go ask him if it was ok to take his picture, he was more than happy, turned out to be a broadway dancer who was also part of Oprah Winfrey's 'The Color Purple'. He was over the moon when he received his photos, we are still in touch.


On a dark evening near Lahori gate, this guy stopped me and asked what I was doing there, once he knew what I was up to asked me to follow him to his old dilapidated haveli which he thought would be good for photography, now used as a shoe factory. I took a leap of faith and followed him in dark little alleys, but the haveli was certainly worth the visit.


Met this labourer in the streets of Dubai near the Burj al arab, very cool looking with his shades, he was very happy when I asked to photograph him, told him he looks like a rock star which he loved..


This young cool couple was sitting on the stairs of the trendy Cours Julien area in Marseille. They were very happy to be photographed


Late night after a marathon walk in Brugge, went to a bar and met this very interesting old lady, we ended up chatting about photography, old black and white images, fashion, her time in London etc. A real character, very opinionated and interesting.


One of my all time favourite, the quick thinking kid from Cathederal school church, Lahore, who tried to take a pretend picture of me.


This carpet seller was standing waiting for someone inside the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. Turned out to be a very friendly guy, we got photographed together as well.


Ok I did not exactly meet her, these were total Voyeur shots in Montmartre, Paris. She was across the street from our hotel window, on a very emotional telephone call, and had no clue she was being photographed. Very interesting and perfectly placed subject.


The monk of Buddhapadipa temple, London . Went to the temple at a bad time seeking some peace , the wise monk was very good and kind to me with some soothing advice and also allowed me to photograph him when its normally not allowed.


Olga (Омельченко Оля), On a bus journey in Kiev, met this very friendly girl, in our conversation I found out that she is a student of dentistry in Kiev, comes from a smaller city in Ukraine, when we got off I asked her for some photos and she gladly agreed , we are now in touch via social media


The boy in yellow, a fruit hawker in Lahore , such a handsome looking boy who was perfectly placed with his yellow clothes, yellow mangoes and the setting sun behind him, was teased by fellow hawkers for being photographed when he burst into laughter.


Met Raju a Nepalise restaurant manager today, within minutes he was telling me his life philosophies, really friendly guy. He has a very interesting compassionate face, so I could not resist and asked him to pose for me.


The really pretty waitress in Le Panier, Marseille , a bit shy in the begining but than quite happily agreed to be photographed


The camel herder, met him during desert safari in Dubai, a lot of character on his face.


The cool Sufi, Muhammed Asif, the care taker of Madhu Lal shrine, Lahore, met him when I first visited, after getting to know me allowed me to take pictures wherever i pleased in fact assisted me since than, he has been in constant touch, I always visit him when I go to Lahore. A wonderful friendly character. Last time we were discussing facebook privacy settings , he wassaps me as well.


The window cleaner in Brugge was perfectly placed for a wonderful shot , very amused and happy when I started photographing him.


A certain Mr Butt near Gulab devi hospital, Lahore was digging the footpath , I thought and told him that he could have been a super model


Passing by Isleworth cab station, saw this Sardar jee in very nice light, went in and asked him if it was ok to photograph him, all the other drivers were really amused and were teasing him that his picture will be published in some magazine cover.


His face immediately attracted me at the Lahore Railway station, very cooperative and happy to be photographed. reminded me a bit of the cricketer Muhammed Asif.


While visiting a friend in Marseille met this oriental lady briefly as she along with a group was planting vegetables. She made an interesting shot behind the plastic sheet she was working on.


This guy runs an old art nouveau building for tourists, was really helpful and informative and had a good laugh when I asked him to model , said he will have to get an agent now for his modelling.